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Understanding common issues in eclectus parrots, with Dr. Rob Marshall and Tailai O'Brien
Dr. Rob Marshall is a veterinarian in Australia, and Tailai O’Brien is an animal trainer. They have spent years learning about the natural history, behavior, living conditions, and habitat of eclectus parrots in the wild, while also working with them in captivity. They base their care recommendations on what they have learned about wild eclectus to avoid or treat some common issues experienced with eclectus parrots in homes.

The common health-related issues they see in homes include feather destructive behavior, male hypersexual behavior, and female opportunistic egg-laying behavior. These behaviors will be the primary focus of their presentation. They will also discuss behavior issues that arise as a result of inadequate training, which include habitual behaviors.

Marshall and O’Brien have developed novel modalities of captive care for eclectus parrots that act to prevent behavioral disorders before they occur. The ultimate purpose of our treatment and prevention plans is to promote the full expression of natural behaviors in the home setting in order to realize the eclectus parrot’s cognitive potential for the mutual benefit of the bird and its human companion. This goal can be achieved by organizing daily routines and living conditions that emulate those of the wild setting. They will share what we can do to achieve this in our homes!

There are 5 parts to their presentations on July 25, with short breaks, followed by a question and answer period at the end. The session is for anyone who lives with or works with eclectus parrots, but has also been approved for 4 hours of RACE credits for veterinarians and veterinary technicians seeking continuing education hours.

Jul 25, 2021 01:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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